Constitutional Court Nixes Tito Street

In a highly anticipated decision, Slovenian Constitutional Court declared null and void a controversial decision by the Ljubljana City Council to name a newly-built avenue running along the Stožice Stadium after Communist leader of former Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. Plaintiffs, the Christian-democratic party Nova Slovenija, claimed that naming the street after a man led the regime which systematically trampled human rights and conducted post-war massacres goes against human dignity and is thus unconstitutional. The court went along with this argument and repealed Article 2 of the city ordnance in question.

This is no longer Tito Street (source)

Pengovsky said all along that Ljubljana could well do without Tito street, although the historic role of Josip Broz is both positive and negative and that mayor Zoran Janković was needlessly stirring the pot with this issue. While not totally unexpected, the ruling (and the logic behind it) can become extremely important, because it sets a new standard in determining what is allowed and what is not. On one hand we can expect a mass of petitions to have other streets and squares which still bear Tito’s name to be renamed (cases in point being cities of Koper and Velenje), but on the other hand this should open the doors to petitions to rename other streets named after controversial historical figures. The Pope John Paul II Street in Ljubljana comes to mind (to give an example at random).

Furthermore, the Constitutional Court is also expected to rule on whether to allow the referendum on the new Family Code, which will basically be a referendum on allowing same-sex marriage and adoptions (with certain limits). We’ll see if the court will recognise the “constitutional guarantee of respect for human dignity” when it rules on that issue.

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Monday Morning Meat #210 (Victory Edition)

To honour today’s Victory Day, when Ljubljana was liberated in 1945 and when Second World War in Europe finally ended after six years of brutal bloodshed, pengovsky gives you Bert Sotlar and Lojze Rozman, two legendary actors who starred in one of the first post-war action comedies, Ne joči, Peter. 🙂

If you don’t mind the lack of subtitles or understand Slovene, you can see the whole fim here



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Tweet. Meet. Give.


24 March 2011. 175 events worldwide. Infinite amount of goodwill. And one of those events will be held at Ljubljana Castle. Twitterati and non-Twitterati alike will come together, tweet it and raise funds for Mali Vitez foundation, helping children who underwent cancer treatment. Charity and “going analogue” are at the heart of the Twestival idea and pengovsky is proud to be a small part of the most excellent team organising the 2011 Ljubljana Twestival.

I realise that the fact that yours truly is hosting the event is not the reason to clear your schedule, but you might want to do it anyway. There will be fun. There will be rock&roll and there will be funk, courtesy of The Tide, Žrebci, Tudo and DiscoBalls. There will also be stand-up routines by Iztok Majhenič and Mladen Pahović. And no, I won’t tell you who the surprise guest is. You’ll have to find that out for yourselves. All you have to do is attend the event and buy a Twestival Ljubljana badge.

Oh, and while you read this, you might as well send an text message to number 1919 and thus donate one euro to Mali Vitez. If your mobile providers are Mobitel or Si.Mobil, that is.

Anyways, it’s all for a good cause, Twitter account is not a prerequisite and all proceeds go to Mali Vitez. The event will be also be streamed (URL to be confirmed), but if you’re in the neighbourhood and don’t show up for at least half an hour, you’re just lame. Capisce? 😉 Yes, I know there’s shit going on in Libya and that Japan is still in the middle of a huge clusterfuck. I also know there’s a Slovene MEP who resigned on corruption charges amounting to 100k euro. But we should make room for some good news as well, no?

Oh, and if you are on Twitter, be a sport and RT this 🙂

The Prešeren Recital

Polde Bibič last year performing Zdravljica/The Toast (source: The Firm™)

Today, just like every year, a recital will take place on Prešeren Square in Ljubljana in honour of France Prešeren, arguably Slovenia‘s greatest poet. Members of Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists will take turns in reciting/performing poems by Prešeren which is always plenty of fun, despite the sombre occasion, as Prešeren died on this day in 1849.

The Firm™ will – as every year for the past eight years – provide live streaming of the event (starting at noon local time), which you can see by clicking this link. And if you’re in the neighbourhood, plenty of museums and galleries charge no entrance fee today, so you’re more than welcome to visit a few.

Have a good one!

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