Zoran Janković Re-Elected Mayor, Increases Majority in City Council

According to exit poll data, incumbent Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković was re-elected to the position with some 69 percent of the vote. Runner-up Zofija Mazej Kukovič of SDS barely got 12 percent of the vote, with Mojca Kucler Dolinar of NSi getting 8 percent.

Four more years for Zoran Janković (source: The Firm™)

In what what is apparently a landslide victory, exit polls suggest List of Zoran Janković also increased its majority in the city council with 54 percent of the vote (an increase of 9% compared to 2006 elections). SDS won 13 %, Social democrats 9%, DeSUS (pensioners’ party) 5%, NSi 4,8% and LDS, the last party which seems to have made the cut, won 3,3% according to exit polls data.

Of the parties and lists which held seats in the current City Council, this leaves out Zares, SLS and List for Clean Drinking Water.

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3 thoughts on “Zoran Janković Re-Elected Mayor, Increases Majority in City Council”

  1. Bloody hell! As you’ve pointed out these past few weeks, things were looking good, but this good?

    I can of course only speak as an outsider and LJ lover, but from what I’ve seen in the past couple of years, the city greatly improved under Zoki’s administration (not forgetting some plans were already in place that were the work of the former administration). Anyway, congrats to the man and his party and I hope LJ will continue to reap the benefit of his re- election.

  2. Well, I cant really tell whether the victory is a result of mayor excellent work or total incompetence of his opposition.

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