Boštjan Poklukar Sworn In As Interior Minister. Again.

Two months after Tatjana Bobnar gave him the finger, PM Robert Golob has a new interior minister. After all was said and done, Boštjan Poklukar took the reins of the civilian end of the security apparatus once more.

Boštjan Poklukar was sworn in as interior minister. Again.
Boštjan Poklukar gets to be the interior minister again. (source: Teja Perko/Nat’l Assembly)

Poklukar returning to the post he held during the Šarec administration begs for a good Police Academy-related pun. Alas, pengovsky couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. So let’s just say that the man’s second stab at the job clears up a couple of points both readers will remember from previous posts on this clusterfuck.

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New RTVSLO Legislation Hits A Snag

With only a week until it was to fully come into effect, the constitutional court today stayed the execution of several articles of the new law on RTVSLO. This is the first semi-success the remains of the Janša regime scored on this front. And even so, it was as much by sheer dumb luck as it was by carefully laid out legal arguments.

Constitutional court and RTVSLO mascot.

Both readers will remember that voters in Muddy Hollows approved the new law in a November referendum. As a result, the SDS shills currently turning RTVSLO into an unwatchable shitshow, nearly ran out of options. The law was on the books and the clock was ticking for selection of the new board and management. So they tried an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink type of a constitutional complaint. And lo-behold!, something actually stuck. But go easy on the champagne, this is all much more fucktangular than it looks.

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Janša’s Seniors Ask For A Happy End

Reader, I shit you not. A happy end. To be honest, the entire meat of this post can be stiffed into the title. Like a skin boat going to tuna town. Still, this is supposedly a blog about Muddy Hollows politics. So, let’s pitch a tent and see just why SDS seniors got down to the parliament yesterday and engaged in some early afternoon delights.

SDS pensioners standing by a protest sign demanding a 200 EUR raise in pensions and a happy end.
SDS silver-haired samurais demanding a happy end, as it were. (source: RTVSLO)

On the face of it, Janša’s silver-haired samurais demanded a 20% raise of pensions and a slew of other bonuses. Which, yeah, good luck with that. But the real message here weren’t the demands as such. The message was that Janša can still whip up a crowd. Even though his general political fortunes are more like a brewer’s droop. The other message was that apparently his senior section really wants to come.

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