Pengovsky: In Lieu Of An About Page

I’d never join a party that would take me as its member (Groucho Marx)

You have reached pengovsky’s about page. My apologies.

Described more than once by anonymous trolls of some renown as both a lying communist rat and a warmongering fascist bootlicker (making him Schrödinger’s… what exactly?), pengovsky gallivants between this here blog, podcasting, and, you know, actually having something like a job.

The latter consists mostly of taking care of The Firm(tm) backend and doing an occasional front-end for an indie radio in a small European country.

When not doing radio, he is co-conspiring to produce podcasts on the media, EU affairs, and politics of Muddy Hollows. Which probably comes as a surprise to a grand total of zero people.

Over the past decades, several news outlets have made the mistake of signing him up for regular columns and opinion pieces. More still have approached him for quotes and analyses of Slovenian political cesspool.

The globalist libtard that he is, pengovsky every so often collaborates with international NGOs and think-tanks. He is also an IVPL alumnus and a firm believer in the Groucho strain of Marxism.

Should either reader have an unhealthy interest in Muddy Hollows, pengovsky is available for comments, analyses and consultancies at emajl.jpg.

One thought on “Pengovsky: In Lieu Of An About Page”

  1. I just saw your post from last October on the bad bank and the dismissal/resignation of Lars Nyberg.

    I just wanted to note that your link was to the wrong Lars Nyberg. Your link was to a Lars Nyberg who was connected with scandal at Telia. The Lars Nyberg who participated in the work of the BAMC is the distinguished deputy governor of the Bank of Sweden. (; (

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