Red Tuesday

Well, that escalated quickly. Last Tuesday shit started hitting the fan and Dominika Švarc Pipan began naming names. Social Democrats, who wanted DŠP gone, pronto, were getting increasingly rankled by the story that just wouldn’t go away and went into crisis mode over the weekend. And yesterday afternoon Klemen Žibert, SD secretary general and the person DŠP said was behind all of this, resigned his post.

An image of a calendar, dipped in thick red colour, with the word Tuesday on it, but with leters SD and A replaced with logo of Social Democrats and Levica's red star
Fun times for SD and Levica. It that is your idea of fun, of course.

And then, to everyone’s surprise Levica parliamentary group gave Miha Kordiš an opportunity for a career alternative enhancement. Without the right to parole. The two events are seemingly unconnected. At least on the surface. But scratch deeper and things suddenly start influencing one another.

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Showdown At O.K. Švarc Pipan

When a small-scale dust-up between Dominika Švarc Pipan and her detractors within the SD kept getting bigger and bigger, pengovsky realised it has been north of two months since the last post on this blog. As both readers surely know, adulting is hard.

Dominka Švarc Pipan surrounded by SD aparatchiks, with PM Golob in the background, during a commemoration event in spring 2023.
Dominka Švarc Pipan surrounded by SD aparatchiks, with PM Golob in the background.

But then the sussy real estate deal ballooned way out of proportion and started engulfing more and more people. To the point where senior SD kahunas are now making thinly-veiled threats against PM Robert Golob and his grip on power. At that point this scribe realised he better get scribbling.

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