The Tower Pancers

Usually, Saturdays on this blog are reserved for more in-depth posts. I do so like to write lengthy posts which then noone reads (let alone comments on :)). But I feel that every now or then a bit of relaxation is necesary. I admit that I was very tempted to post the following clip on Monday, but given the traumatic experience I’ve put you through with the Cow Ball, I really don’t want to do it again. Yet… 😈

So, perhaps you can have a laugh or two while wathiching the Tower Pancers 🙂

Apparently shot in Brestanica, mid-summer 2007, originaly posted by e-Posavje

Where Have All the Farmers Gone?

It has been said time and again, that the EU was made for German bankers, UK accountants and French farmers. Indeed, for more than sixty years almost 50% of EU budget (nearly 1% of the bloc’s total GDP) was spent of farm subsidies. According to this Int’l Herald Tribune piece, next year’s budget will be the first one to have spent more on growth than on farming. The prices of food in Europe were so low that EU farmers rather threw food away than sell it at lower (competitive) market prices in protest. In any case they were heavily compensated by hefty EU subsidies.

Slovene farmers protesting god-knows-what

With the sharp increase in food prices (according to this, the prices in UK could go up 30% by the end of the year, and you already know the situation in Slovenia), one would think that there would be no more farmers’ subidies. No?

Happy cow = happy farmer

So, my (rather rude) question is:

Where are all of you loud sonofabitchin’ fucks who would rather waste food than sell it at a smaller profit?!?! Are you motherfuckers happy now? Are the prices OK with you now? Do you feel that your work is adequatly compensated by me and others like me? How does my money in your pocket feel? I mean, do you realize that you get it twice? First out of my pocket directly and then in form of a subsidy which also comes out of my taxes?

I’m sorry if I’m rude (OK, I am rude), but I just don’t think that you can both have the cake and eat it. I’m OK with subsidising EU farmers if that means keeping them in business and keeping the EU reliant on its own resources. But I’m not OK when all of a sudden farmers get the long end of the stick price-wise and get to keep the subsidy.

It. Just. Ain’t. Fair.

Blame It On Slovenes

The missing Kupska St. in Zagreb, Croatia. (source)

According to numerous reports (including this one), a street in Zagreb, Croatia, has been literally swallowed by the Earth and took several houses along with it. The fact that the street was a construction site of a huge office building might have contributed to the fact that the terrain caved in, created a giant crater which was then filled with hectolitres of water, but hey ❗ why blame idiotic construction companies, when you’ve got weather and – Slovenes.

At least according to Zagreb’s vicemayor Zvonimir Šostar, who – according to reports by – said that the street caved in because of Tuesday’s freak storms in Slovenia.

What. The. Fuck???

And they wonder why we don’t like them…

P.S.: Ah well – they’ve got tornadoes in Britain now… The world is going bananas.

P.P.S.: If you look carefully at the link above, you’ll notice that the Reuters’ story places Croatia in… Africa…. Well, construction seems to be on a par, for sure :mrgreen:

Sexual Legislation

So… Where do you fit? :mrgreen:


Based on article and position 69 of the Law on sexual politics and public health (official gazette No. 13/2000) The Minister for Sexual Affairs and Planning

p r o c l a i m s


Group 1

100% incompetent. Will not and can not have sex. A lost case. Uses his appendage only to urinate. Is keen on literature and scientific work. Could become a saint. Rehabilitation impossible

Group 2

Wants to, but can’t. A historian, this man will fondly recollect his past exploits. Writes memoirs. No rehabilitation.

Group 3

A linguist. Uses his tongue a lot. Will play it according to his tastes. Compensates by reading erotic novels. No rehabilitation

Group 4

Party capable. Will have sex with extra help. Mandatory fucking by experts. Has read two books in his life. Needs special therapy. Partial rehabilitation possible

Group 5

A Monthly-Man. Will have sex once a month – on his payday. Will get fucked for the rest of the month. Will read nothing beyond the scope of Sportske Novosti. Possible rehabilitation by extensive support by social services.

Group 6

Weekender. Will have sex only on weekends and in self-defence. Reads only if forced to. Special therapy needed for full recovery.

Group 7

A Daily. Will have sex every day, with possible part-time arrangements, depending on working conditions.

Group 8

A super-fuck. Will have sex in all circumstances and under different conditions. Will not accept the words “I’m having my period” as an excuse. Has an empty head and steel in his trousers. Hasn’t read a single book in his life. Dumb as a dick.

Group 9
Maniac. Illiterate. Will fuck everything In sight: men, women, elderly, youngstes and basically anything that crawls, flies and swims.


In accordance with these Rules only persons in groups 4 to 6 (inclusive) will be provided expert assistance, whereupon the period of active fucking will have been doubled. Appeals will be heard and tested under an extremely rigorous fucking conditions.

On the day these Rules come into effect, any and all benefits for sexually challenged people will cease to exit. These Rules will come into effect within eight days of their proclamation.

*translated in English from various postings on the web