Frmr Croatian President Says Janša Is “Unbalanced”

Stipe Mesić says Janez Janša is “unbalanced”. Croatian only, I’m afraid (source)

Aftermath of Sunday referendum vote provided for some funny moments. One in particular. Former Croatian president Stipe Mesić was caught on camera by Croatian NOVA TV while chatting with his successor, incumbent Ivo Josipović and Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor. Mesić, known for his quick wit and even quicker gaffes said that “this Janša seems a bit unbalanced to me”. President Josipović then added that “[Janša’s] positions bombed his referendum bid” while PM Kosor was nodding “Yes, yes, yes”.

The scene caused some chuckles this side of the border, especially since the initial interpretation of Mesič’s statement was that Janša is mentally unbalanced (“neuravnovešen” in Slovenian), while Mesič himself later said that he meant to say that Janša’s views are unbalanced (“neuravnotežen“). Janez Janša and his SDS obviously refused to comment and in all honesty the statement is below par even for gaffe-prone Mesić, but it did provide for some light comedic relief after a month of hearing how the world as we know it will come to an end if the Arbitration Agreement is confirmed :mrgreen:

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