Classical Rock Ftw!

Final Countdown (Slovene Philarmonic Orchestra cover) from pengovsky on Vimeo.

Classical rock… well… rocks. And so does Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra. Earlier today they put on quite a show in Arboretum Volčji Potok outside Ljubljana and one would never have guessed that it was their first. Songs by Pink Floyd, Europe, Police, Queen and U2 shone in all their beauty and… well, you had to be there. It was just awesome…

And yes, this post has to do with the fact that pengovsky finally managed to come up with five posts a week. Sort of, anyway :mrgeen:

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4 thoughts on “Classical Rock Ftw!”

  1. For an instant, I hoped they were about to cover Laibach’s cover. Anyway, I believe it must have been great.

  2. Oh, it was! I think Laibach did “Volkswagner” with RTV SLO symphony orchestra, though. So no shortage of material in that departement 🙂

  3. Yep. I learned about Volkswagner on an Adria flight to London, the day before the event. Hijacking is not compatible with my values and abilities, so I had to accept the loss 🙁
    BTW, any DVD that you know of? I haven’t see any in the mass-market premises I usually visit when in Slo.

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