Like A Bad Penny, Borut Pahor Keeps Turning Up

While pengovsky was in the US chasing the solar eclipse, Borut Pahor was apparently chasing an EU gig. After none of the high-profile jobs he so often hinted at panned out (to great astonishment of a grand total of zero people), the former president would now like to be the EU’s Kumbaya man for Kosovo and Serbia.

Borut Pahor and Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić
Aca Vučić and Borut Pahor (right) (source)

Officially styled as EU Special Representative for Belgrade – Priština dialogue and other Western Balkans regional issues, it is a thankless job. The gig mostly involves coming up with excuses to organise meet-ups between Aca Vučić and whoever Kosovo’s top ćulaf is at any given time, while allowing the two countries can continue to pretend the other doesn’t exist.

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Slovenians Scoff As France Makes History On Abortion Rights

Reports that France passed a world-first constitutional protection of abortion rights the other day did not go down well in Slovenia. Not because Muddy Hollows would be some Mitteleuropäischer version of Alabama. Rather, because a certain sub-Alpine nation is fiercely proud of its own abortion protection rules dating back decades.

A still from Les Mis film, with words Vive La France, in recognition of French constitutional abortion protection.
No, really, France. Chapeau!

As a result, more than a few Slovenians and people in the wider region are butt-hurt over some baguette-munching assholes claiming to be the first ones to get where the Old Country was back in 1974. But not only are these people butt-hurt, they are also dead wrong.

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One Queen To Rule Them All

At first glance, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II does not seem especially pertinent to the politics of Muddy Hollows. In fact, other than a couple of boilerplate expressions of condolences by the nation’s highest elected officials and a botched (and then deleted) tweet by the Glorious Leader, the death of the worlds longest-serving monarch in, like, ever, was primarily a media fascination.

Queen Elizabeth II during her tour of Slovenian capital Ljubljana (photo by pengovsky)
Queen Elizabeth during her tour of Ljubljana (source: The Firm(tm))

That is not to say, however, the late queen and Slovenia never crossed paths. Fourteen years ago, Her Majesty popped over for a three-day state visit. The occasion was correctly seen as a major diplomatic success for a country that had joined the EU and NATO only four years earlier.

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Tanja Fajon Tested On Ukraine

Two weeks into her term in office, Tanja Fajon is faced with an important test of her foreign policy chops. And not in a way she was (probably) hoping for. An open letter advocating a new, purportedly more sensible approach on Ukraine made its way into the media. The letter was signed by eighteen people of varying importance. Most of them are (or were) academics, some of them are regular TV pundits, still others are political has-beens, looking to reclaim some of the old fame.

Foreign minister Tanja Fajon speaking on the phone.
Foreign minister Tanja Fajon doing her level best to imitate Ursula von der Leyen (source)

In all honesty, the text would have probably gone the way of various other letters and petitions that float around in Muddy Hollows at any given time, were it not for the fact that former presidents Milan Kučan and Danilo Türk attached their signatures. Which seemed to kind of complicate things. At least for Tanja Fajon and PM Robert Golob.

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Cosplay In Kyiv

There is no denying that the Trip of the Three PMs to Kyiv got a shitload of international attention and was billed as some sort of a diplomatic and geopolitical feat. For a fleeting moment, Janez Janša, Petr Fiala and Mateusz Morawiecki (together with his boss Jarosław Kaczyński) caught the attention of the world.

The front page of Luxemburger Wort for 16 March 2022. Pictured are Janša, Fila, Marowietzki and Kaczynski on their way to Kyiv.
The front page of Luxemburger Wort for 16 March 2022

Virtually every outlet out there, from the New York Times to Deutsche Welle to South China Morning Post ran the same basic story: thee PMs plus the real ruler of Poland met the Ukrainian with balls of steel, and said words. Incidentally, this is probably the first and the last time Marshal Twito made the front page of the Luxemburger Wort.

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