Like A Bad Penny, Borut Pahor Keeps Turning Up

While pengovsky was in the US chasing the solar eclipse, Borut Pahor was apparently chasing an EU gig. After none of the high-profile jobs he so often hinted at panned out (to great astonishment of a grand total of zero people), the former president would now like to be the EU’s Kumbaya man for Kosovo and Serbia.

Borut Pahor and Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić
Aca Vučić and Borut Pahor (right) (source)

Officially styled as EU Special Representative for Belgrade – Priština dialogue and other Western Balkans regional issues, it is a thankless job. The gig mostly involves coming up with excuses to organise meet-ups between Aca Vučić and whoever Kosovo’s top ćulaf is at any given time, while allowing the two countries can continue to pretend the other doesn’t exist.

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Better The Han You Know

Matjaž Han, minister of economy and a shrewd behind-the-scenes centre of gravity, is the new leader of the Social Democrats. He was elected in the second round, entering the race at the eleventh hour and narrowly beating Milan Brglez.

Economy minister Matjaž Han is the new SD leader.
Minister of economy and newly-minted SD leader Matjaž Han (source)

As little as a week ago, Han swore up and down that he is not interested in becoming the big kahuna. While he didn’t really do a full Sherman, his avoiding the top spot tracked with his hitherto pattern of wielding power behind the scenes. So when the word leaked that is about to take the plunge, it was widely seen as a desperate move. For a reason, it turned out.

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Tanja Fajon Is So Done With This Shit

“This shit” being the clustefuck that are the Social Democrats right now. Foreign minster Tanja Fajon anounced yesterday that she will not seek another term as leader of the SD. Which, although somewhat unexpected, is completely understandable. At least as far as pengovsky is concerned. Because, Jesus fuck, this party…

Tanja Fajon, soon to be ex-leader of the Social Democrats
Tanja Fajon, soon to be ex-leader of the Social Democrats (source)

As both readers know, the SD has just seen the insides of a meat-grinder mincer. This, after prominent party members were caught pants-down in a dodgy real-estate deal. Things got really fucktangular really fast, resulting in SD justice minister being booted out of the party. But hell hath no fury like Dominika Švarc Pipan scorned.

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Slovenians Scoff As France Makes History On Abortion Rights

Reports that France passed a world-first constitutional protection of abortion rights the other day did not go down well in Slovenia. Not because Muddy Hollows would be some Mitteleuropäischer version of Alabama. Rather, because a certain sub-Alpine nation is fiercely proud of its own abortion protection rules dating back decades.

A still from Les Mis film, with words Vive La France, in recognition of French constitutional abortion protection.
No, really, France. Chapeau!

As a result, more than a few Slovenians and people in the wider region are butt-hurt over some baguette-munching assholes claiming to be the first ones to get where the Old Country was back in 1974. But not only are these people butt-hurt, they are also dead wrong.

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Red Tuesday

Well, that escalated quickly. Last Tuesday shit started hitting the fan and Dominika Švarc Pipan began naming names. Social Democrats, who wanted DŠP gone, pronto, were getting increasingly rankled by the story that just wouldn’t go away and went into crisis mode over the weekend. And yesterday afternoon Klemen Žibert, SD secretary general and the person DŠP said was behind all of this, resigned his post.

An image of a calendar, dipped in thick red colour, with the word Tuesday on it, but with leters SD and A replaced with logo of Social Democrats and Levica's red star
Fun times for SD and Levica. It that is your idea of fun, of course.

And then, to everyone’s surprise Levica parliamentary group gave Miha Kordiš an opportunity for a career alternative enhancement. Without the right to parole. The two events are seemingly unconnected. At least on the surface. But scratch deeper and things suddenly start influencing one another.

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