City Hall Brawl

A man opposing the reconstruction of Ljubljana Central market tears up slogans of supporters of the renovation.

A rally against the renovation of Ljubljana Central Market took place yesterday afternoon. At the same time a group of supporters of renovation staged their own rally, much to annoyance of (mostly elderly) people who fervently opposed Mayor Janković’s plan to build a parking lot below the Central Market, claiming that the nearby Castle hill would be a much more appropriate location.

And while the anti-parking lot rally cursed mayor Janković (a piece i did for The Firm™ is available here), sending him “back to Serbia” and accusing him of lining his own pockets, it once again became clear that those, who value the Central European (that is Austrian) moral, architectual, social, policital and cultural status quo, are actually more brutal and savage than any of the trully Balkan savage tribes.

I understand that over there they have a long tradition of picketing. But this form of democracy is way too much for this sorry country. You know: you can take a man out of the Balkans, but can never take the Balkans out of a man.

Once again – shit is brewing…

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18 thoughts on “City Hall Brawl”

  1. i don’t get it. People don’t want to renovate ljubljana’s central market?how dumb can old people be?!

  2. I’ll bet 2 inches of my dick that they’re the same “old people” who oppose erecting the mosque or settling the Strojan family in Sostro (or anywhere else in Ljubljana for that matter)

  3. yes, that’s what i thought as well. If i was in zoky’s shoes yesterday, I wolud tell them that ok, we won’t renovate the maket, we’ll renovate Žale so you’ll have a more pleasant pernament stay in the very near future.

  4. Hm. The only other video I know where a person belonging to one group attacks members of the other is a video showing a skinhead attacking antinazi protesters with a baseball bat somewhere in Germany. Of course the police intervened. But then: I don’t think nazis swear or live by democracy and stuff.

  5. (si predstavljaš: so rekli, da mi CDjke pošljejo kar sami, če ne najdem nobenga, ki bi jih pošiljaj v tujino 🙂 ) 😳 😳

  6. @rollo: Just remembered: Žale is already being renovated, so you can’t use that as a threat to the elderly mob 😉

  7. Reason no. 579 why I have no wish to return back to the homeland.
    On another note, could someone please tell Manca Kosir to zip those fishlips of hers once and for all?!

  8. And thus you leave us to fight the losing battle agains mediocrity and provincialism… 😕

    As for Manca Košir, Ph.D…. Belive me, we’ve tried. But she seems to swallow two Duracell batteries every morning. Of course, not far away was another one of my all-time favourites from the policitally obscure: Gorazd Drevenšek. The man should stick to disecting rats and study their nervous systems. Apparently he’s good at it – or so one of my ex-GFs tells me.

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