Hate Slovenia Week (pre-match warm-up)

Big game tomorrow. As you know Slovenia plays USA in second round of Group C in World Cup in South Africa. I will not bore you with punditisms. Bob knows there’s too much of that going around as it is. They are fun to read, though. Apparently no one expects a beautiful game as both teams play a 4-4-2 formation which will provide for a lot of manhandling in the midfield. Add to that the fact that both teams need a victory (although Slovenia could do with a draw provided a favourable turn of events in the third round) and you can bet on tomorrow’s match not being a pretty sight.

“That’s NOT the way to do it”. pengovsky’s entry for SLO:USA jibes on twitter

However. As if to offset that a more or less good-natured jibes and quips started appearing on Twitter under the hasthag Hate Slovenia Week (#hatesloveniaweek). Thus Byrnes_Gregory says that “To get in the mindset of my enemy, I am not going to bathe and pretend like I have no food, agh the Slovenian life“, while fogs2 shares a link by Dr. Soccer who in turn reveals The Top 5 Ways To Tell The Difference Between Slovakia & Slovenia in a rather unflattering way. And last but certainly not least, the legendary-cum-lethargic talk-show host David Letterman takes a swipe at the smallest country in the tournament.

Slovene part of the twittersphere of course started returning fire. The good doctor found that even the legendary-cum-came president Clinton conceded that the “US Declaration of independence was based on an ancient Slovene ritual” and kricac noted that “Kleenex shares at record high ahead of tomoorow’s SLO:USA match. 309M Americans expected to cry like babies.” And you can see pengovsky’s small contribution above 🙂

So, what’s your prediction for the game? 😈

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3 thoughts on “Hate Slovenia Week (pre-match warm-up)”

  1. 13.30: SCHLAND! SCHLAND!!

    16.00: SLOVENIJA! SLOVENIJA! Slovenija will win. Either that or they’ll all fall asleep during the match. So the plan is: First, we take Manhattan, then we do Rooney in 😈

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