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… to compensate for the lack of a more in-depth post: did you notice that there’s no more swine flu? Now it is being called anything from “Mexican flu” to “novel flu virus” with about a zillion variations in between. I wonder why that is…


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  1. That’s because pigs don’t have it and don’t spread it… There are at least 2 of them who caught the Swine Flu, yes, but they got it from a man 😈

    I think it was the scientists who recommended the use of other names for it.

  2. They followed the advice of Bill Maher:

    MAHER: New rule, hurricane’s names should be scary. It’s bad enough we can’t name hurricanes after women anymore because it’s sexist, now, they’re all getting waspy names like, Alex, which is the least effective approach because hurricanes hit the south. And can you imagine how fast the Carolinas would evacuate if they announced Ludacris was heading their way?

    Maybe we’ll all be safe if we just call it the “Strojan-Erased flu”…?

  3. I suppose we all can learn something from the pork producers lobby, whichever that may be..

  4. P., please erase my first entry; the link’s not working for one reason or another, even though I coded it exactly the same as the second attempt… (and then you can erase this message too, of course, because it would make no sense ;))

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