Some People Just Don’t Know When To Quit

Despite the fact that the people of Slovenia voted in support of the Arbitration agreement between Slovenia and Croatia on a referendum on June 6, the opposition will apparently have none of it. Yesterday Slovene Democratic Party (SDS), Slovene People’s Party (SLS) and Slovene Nationalist Party (SNS), led by Janez Janša, Radovan Žerjav and Zmago Jelinčič respectively filed a motion with the Constituional Court disputing the constitutionality of the Law on ratification of the said agreement.


The referendum was called by an act of the parliament, with 78 out if 90 MPs voting in favour. Whether they explicitly said so or not, all parties have thus agreed to relegate the matter to the direct will of the people and have thus (implicitly, at the very least) bound themselves to respect and adhere to the decision, whatever the outcome.

And yet, this is not so. The opposition claims that the law is in breach of the Basic Constitutional Charter which established the boundaries between former Yugoslav republics as international borders. Their explanation is flimsy at best, especially since the Constitutional Court once already delibered on the issue and decided with an overwhelming majority that the Agreement was perfectly in line with the constitution.

It seems some people just don’t know when to quit. While technically perfectly entitled to do so, by challenging the ratification the opposition is again demonstrating its own perverse understanding of democracy, whereas a decision is just and correct only when they say so. Anything else is apparently unconstitutional, unpatriotic and a treasonable offence.

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