It Took a Jew To Give Protestants a Holiday

Just a quick historical note, since today is Reformation day (national holiday), which means that save a tsunami on the river Ljubljanica, a collapse of the government or similar natural disaster… I ain’t doin’ notin’ but chillin’ 😉

Lev Kreft, the man who gave Protestants their holiday

Reformation day was created in memory of Slovene protestants in 1500s, most notably Primož Trubar, who wrote the first ever book in Slovene (he also wrote the second ever book in Slovene). But Slovenia almost forgot this great man and the only indigineous religion of this land. It was up to the man in the picture, Lev Kreft of Social Democrats who – when the parliament was just about to pass the Law on National Holidays, to stand up and note that there is a shitload of Catholic holidays but not a single Protestant one. This was passed and thus, ever since the mid-90s, 31 October is known as Reformation Day.

Funny thing is, that Mr. Kreft is of Jewish faith and it was up to him to stand up for the Protestants. Obivously, noone thought of returning the favour.