The State of Muddy Hollows Play, part 5: They’re On The Pavement, Thinking About The Government

There is one relatively substantial piece of the Muddy Hollows political puzzle that nobody is quite sure how it will fall into place. Or if it will even fit at all, for that matter. Various NGOs and/or civic coalitions that have sprang to life during the pandemic are a big wildcard and could have an outsize effect on the final outcome of the vote.

The Gremo volit! campaign will attempt to increase turnout in 2022 parliamentary election in Muddy Hollows
Launch of Gremo volit! (Let’s Vote!) campaign (source)

This constitutes the fifth and final part of this here series. Click here for parts One, Two, Three and Four. Muddy Hollows is transitioning into full campaign mode and every move they make (and every breath they take) will now be watched from the viewpoint of election Sunday.

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Glossary of a Revolution

Well, it’s not really a revolution (yet) and it’s even less of a glossary (yet), but still. Every day you (we) are bombarded with worryingly catch-able phases. Today we attempt to explain them a bit. 🙂

Stop Janšing me. Photo by @komunalc (source)

Ivan – PM and Party leader Janez Janša. Due to the fact that his given name really is Ivan.

Zombies – People taking part in the Uprising. The moniker given by the now-infamous tweet from the official Party account

Uprising – What zombies see themselves as doing.

Left-wing Fascism – What Ivan thinks the zombies are doing.

Uncles in the shadows – A conspiracy theory concocted by Borut Pahor aimed at proving his downfall as PM is not his fault. Now used to describe anything that proves a politician incompetent.

Gotof je – A protest chant meaning “He’s finished”. Originated in Maribor. See also Fertik je.

Šturm TroopersJansheviks light. Will attend pro-government rallies for a free lunch and some pocket money.

Communists – Everyone attending the Uprising and then some. Probably led by a secret cabal.

Jansheviks – Ivan’s fanbase

F571 – A combo between Forum 21 and 571 signatures of a letter depicting the worsening media situation in Slovenia under Janša 1.0

Tycoons – Businessmen who amassed a relatively wast wealth. The usual fallback when either side runs out of arguments. See udbomafia and uncles in the shadows

Udbomafia – Older term for tycoons and uncles in the shadows. A much older term. Derived from UDBa (Yugoslav secret police) and mafia.

Fertik je Gotof je, Ljubljana version

Comrade Capitalism – The spending sprees by state-owned funds and companies Ivan is not invited to.

The Party – SDS

So-called – A rhetorical figure aimed at destroying the credibility of the other side. Perfected by the Party’s very own Branko Grims.

Prince of Darkness – See Ivan

Forum 21 – A tycoons’ club. Or so Janša believes, as it was formed by former president Milan Kučan.

Duplek News – What anti-graft commission vice-chairman Rok Praptornik wrote for, according to Janša. Dnevnik daily which Praprotnik actually worked for years ago, was quick to Photoshop their logo into “Duplek News”.

drVinko – The grammatical-error-prone minister of interior

Jahor – Janša and Pahor. Together.

Bambi – Borut Pahor. He said during the election campaign this is the Disney character he identifies most with.

Deep-freeze – Anything remotely similar to non-move of Zoran Janković made when he “froze” his party leadership

Penguins A joke gone bad for PS MP Gašpar Gašpar Mišić. Now being used in conjunction with Janković being “frozen”.

There. Surely, If I forgot something, you good people will find the occasion to float your suggestions(s).