The State of Muddy Hollows Play, part 4: Springtime For Green Parties?

Following yesterday’s Taiwanese Twattery by PM Janša, pengovsky now returns to regular programming. This time, we will discuss green parties, among other things. But just to recap. In Part One we covered the Glorious Leader and what is left of his coalition (mostly NSi). In Part Two we introduced the new messiah Robert Golob and outlined the fraught relation opposition KUL parties have with him (and among themselves).

Urša Zgojznik and Uroš Macerl, leaders of Vesna, one of many green parties competing in this year's election in Slovenia.
Urša Zgojznik and Uroš Macerl of Vesna party (source)

We finished Part Three stating Konkretno (rebranded SMC) and other political rejects will need a goddamn miracle to make it into the next parliament. Future ex politicians in close orbit around Zdravko Počivalšek will probably only see the inside of the National Assembly if they join a guided tour. But sometimes miracles do happen.

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Super-Leben Hits A Scale Model Brick Wall

In what is starting to become a bit of a recutring theme these days, prime minister Marjan Šarec lost yet another minister of his minority government. And still, the stability of the supposedly unstable government goes unshaken.

Not all would-be heroes wear capes… (source & source)

The man to get the can this time around is Jure “Super” Leben, minister for environment and spatial planning who, staying true to his surname, apparently had more than one political leben in him and is now holding the dubious honour of being the only person in recent memory to resign from two different governments.

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