Boštjan Poklukar Sworn In As Interior Minister. Again.

Two months after Tatjana Bobnar gave him the finger, PM Robert Golob has a new interior minister. After all was said and done, Boštjan Poklukar took the reins of the civilian end of the security apparatus once more.

Boštjan Poklukar was sworn in as interior minister. Again.
Boštjan Poklukar gets to be the interior minister again. (source: Teja Perko/Nat’l Assembly)

Poklukar returning to the post he held during the Šarec administration begs for a good Police Academy-related pun. Alas, pengovsky couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. So let’s just say that the man’s second stab at the job clears up a couple of points both readers will remember from previous posts on this clusterfuck.

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Wither Hojs

What pengovsky first predicted about a month and a half ago finally happened on Tuesday: Aleš Hojs resigned as interior minister. Hopefully, the door won’t hit him on his way out. Or even if it did, this scribe couldn’t really give a flying fuck.

Interior minister Aleš Hojs (left) and police chief Bojan Travner, both freshly out of their jobs (source)

With Hojs’ resignation a period of internal affairs portfolio being headed by an abrasive, belligerent and uniquely incompetent politician comes to an early end. But while the move was apparently triggered by a police raid chez minister of economy and SMC leader Zdravko Počivalšek over his role in the PPE procurement snafu, the root causes of Hojs getting canned run deeper.

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