The Lost Decade Of Borut Pahor

It has been almost three months since national bowling champion Nataša Pirc Musar took over as president of the republic from Borut Pahor. And while madam president has her work cut of for her, the ex-prez is finding it hard to adjust to his new role. That is not to say he doesn’t keep busy. He spends his time auctioning off his honey-wagon for charity and raising staggering amounts of money. But also pulling pitiful influencer-type stunts on Insta.

Borut Pahor doing Instagram stunts while on an official visit in Cairo.
Borut Pahor pulling Instagram stunts during an official visit in Cairo (source)

One thing that he most decidedly is not doing, is moving to an influential international position. No matter how much he might want that. Which makes this lull in the life and times of Borut Pahor the perfect opportunity to take a look at the legacy of the second-to-last member of the original cast of Muddy Hollows politicians.

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