Olaj On The Loose

It so happened during one of the more spectacular exercises in rearranging urban furniture last October, that the cops let loose and gassed and water-bombed the entire Ljubljana city centre, non-protesting civilians included. Former Speaker Pavle Gantar tweet in response that “the city is full of gangs of citizens tear-gassing and hosing down innocent people”. Somehow this made Chief of Police Anton Olaj very unhappy.

A photo collage depicting police chief Anton Olaj, Pavle Gantar and the fine the latter was slapped with.
Anton Olaj, Pavle Gantar and his fine

As a result, the Big Cop filed charges against Gantar. Supposedly because the latter disrespected the men and women in uniform. And earlier this week, Gantar tweeted that he was fined to the tune of 250 EUR. The fine cited violations of Paragraph 1 of Article 6 of the Public Order Act. Then irony went home and died in agony.

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