Boštjan Poklukar Sworn In As Interior Minister. Again.

Two months after Tatjana Bobnar gave him the finger, PM Robert Golob has a new interior minister. After all was said and done, Boštjan Poklukar took the reins of the civilian end of the security apparatus once more.

Boštjan Poklukar was sworn in as interior minister. Again.
Boštjan Poklukar gets to be the interior minister again. (source: Teja Perko/Nat’l Assembly)

Poklukar returning to the post he held during the Šarec administration begs for a good Police Academy-related pun. Alas, pengovsky couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. So let’s just say that the man’s second stab at the job clears up a couple of points both readers will remember from previous posts on this clusterfuck.

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Short Primer On The Šarec Government

One of the peculiarties of the Slovenian parliamentary system are the separate votes on the prime minister and on their cabinet. Which means that once he was appointed PM, Marjan Šarec was only half-done. But as posturing slowly gave way to reality he and his coalition partners were able to agree on a division of labour which broadly goes along the lines of leaders of junior coalition partners getting all the high-profile jobs, LMŠ getting the PM spot and all the crappy jobs with the remaining cabinet members having merely to show up on time and not to screw up too much.

The Šarec Government (source)

The one thing that separates this government from the previous twelve is the fact that Šarec will have two former PMs in his cabinet. Alenka Bratušek and Miro Cerar have both dealt with their own respective large-scale crises and will be able to provide Šarec with some first-hand advice on handling the situation if things suddenly go tits up. Provided, of course, the new PM will want to listen in the first place. Because he already demonstrated that he can have a bit of a fuck you attitude. But we’ll get there. So, apart from Šarec, who’s who in the new pecking order?

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