The Media Temple™ Affair

In line with the policy of this blog not to delete any content whatsoever, I’ve decided to keep this page on-line. Let it be noted however, that Michael M. has mailed me that I should feel free to remove the page, for the matter has been resolved, as follows:

-MediaTemple have refunded the costs to Michael M.
-MediaTemple have changed their policy and (according to Michael M.) their overall attitude

In light of the above and actions MediaTemple have taken immediately after the collective effort of numerous bloggers (myself included) to help Michael M., I have no further reason to think of MediaTemple as an unfriendly hosting provider.

Therefore, I’ve disabled commenting on this post and also disabled pinging this page. Any information regarding MediaTeple posted on this blog before 3 July 07 should be regarded as out of date. Please visit for up-to-date info

Again – the page will remain online, for I feel that removing it would violate the integrity of this blog. But please consider it heavily out of date.



A blogger colleague, of whom I consider myself an unworthy padawan, has recently had an extremely unpleasant experience a hosting service which goes by the name of Media Temple. While the native folk of this side of the Alps sport a healthy disregard for (monetary) obligations we deem unjust, I can completely understand Michael M.’s fury and disbelief upon receving an utterly-pocket-criplling bill from (mt), which apparently they were only too happy to issue, but were reluctant to provide any serious technical or customer support – let alone offer an explanation as to what actually happened.

Please, do yourself a favour and read his account of the incident.

Granted, it is only one side of the story and in line with journalistic ethics I would have to check with Media Temple as well, but if there ever was a reliable source of information, it’s Michael, therefore I consider his account absolutely true.

Time and again we’re faced with the old adage:
If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

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