The Future Planning Committee

Before we all scatter to our respective festivals of light, a small write-up. In what was deemed an important announcement, the President of the Parliament Janko Veber yesterday, while recapping the year, said all parliamentary groups decided to make an important step in seeking a way out of the crisis. This will, apparently allow heads of the parliamentary groups to partake in the general political push forward, hear suggestions from all walks of life and promote their own views. This, apparently informal mechanism, will be called… wait for it… The Future Committee.

Janko Veber really should meed Malcolm Tucker (photoshop by yours truly)

Are you fucking kidding me? The Future Committee? An informal group? What the hell is this? The local gardening society? This is supposed to be the parliament, the supreme legislative body of this country, representing the sovereign, the people. Members of the parliament have monies allocated especially to finance their constituency field offices to stay in touch with their electorate. Their work is public. They can summon anyone for a hearing. The current parliament has twenty-six separate committees, three of those are parliamentary inquiry (investigation) committees as well as the Council of the president, comprised of the same people as this cockamamie informal group and yet some bright soul thought it would be a good idea to form the Future Committee?

Future Committee, my ass. What exactly will they be doing informally? Munching over finger-food about how “something needs to be done”? What in the flying fuck prevents the MPs to take part in whatever part of whatever process they wish as things stand now? This is beyond Churchill’s maxim that if you want something swept under the rug, you ought to form a committee. This is, plain and simple, filling the noticeable lack of ideas with big words. It also shows that the only reason the parliament is being sidelined in the political process (something Veber lamented about at the same event) is because not a single person in that particular chamber has any idea how to effectively use the plethora of political and procedural tools at their disposal. The fact the Future Committee is supposed to be informal also shows they haven’t got the balls to do it, too.

The only future this committee will meet will also be the future of this particular batch of parliamentarians. Right out the nearest hole in the wall. Most of them, anyway. The only possible reference for this aborted mental process is the Future Planning Committee from In the Loop. If you haven’t seen it, do so over the coming holidays. This country needs a bit of Malcolm Tucker. All of him, actually 😀

Have a merry Christmas, everyone :mrgreen:


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