Glossary of a Revolution

Well, it’s not really a revolution (yet) and it’s even less of a glossary (yet), but still. Every day you (we) are bombarded with worryingly catch-able phases. Today we attempt to explain them a bit. 🙂

Stop Janšing me. Photo by @komunalc (source)

Ivan – PM and Party leader Janez Janša. Due to the fact that his given name really is Ivan.

Zombies – People taking part in the Uprising. The moniker given by the now-infamous tweet from the official Party account

Uprising – What zombies see themselves as doing.

Left-wing Fascism – What Ivan thinks the zombies are doing.

Uncles in the shadows – A conspiracy theory concocted by Borut Pahor aimed at proving his downfall as PM is not his fault. Now used to describe anything that proves a politician incompetent.

Gotof je – A protest chant meaning “He’s finished”. Originated in Maribor. See also Fertik je.

Šturm TroopersJansheviks light. Will attend pro-government rallies for a free lunch and some pocket money.

Communists – Everyone attending the Uprising and then some. Probably led by a secret cabal.

Jansheviks – Ivan’s fanbase

F571 – A combo between Forum 21 and 571 signatures of a letter depicting the worsening media situation in Slovenia under Janša 1.0

Tycoons – Businessmen who amassed a relatively wast wealth. The usual fallback when either side runs out of arguments. See udbomafia and uncles in the shadows

Udbomafia – Older term for tycoons and uncles in the shadows. A much older term. Derived from UDBa (Yugoslav secret police) and mafia.

Fertik je Gotof je, Ljubljana version

Comrade Capitalism – The spending sprees by state-owned funds and companies Ivan is not invited to.

The Party – SDS

So-called – A rhetorical figure aimed at destroying the credibility of the other side. Perfected by the Party’s very own Branko Grims.

Prince of Darkness – See Ivan

Forum 21 – A tycoons’ club. Or so Janša believes, as it was formed by former president Milan Kučan.

Duplek News – What anti-graft commission vice-chairman Rok Praptornik wrote for, according to Janša. Dnevnik daily which Praprotnik actually worked for years ago, was quick to Photoshop their logo into “Duplek News”.

drVinko – The grammatical-error-prone minister of interior

Jahor – Janša and Pahor. Together.

Bambi – Borut Pahor. He said during the election campaign this is the Disney character he identifies most with.

Deep-freeze – Anything remotely similar to non-move of Zoran Janković made when he “froze” his party leadership

Penguins A joke gone bad for PS MP Gašpar Gašpar Mišić. Now being used in conjunction with Janković being “frozen”.

There. Surely, If I forgot something, you good people will find the occasion to float your suggestions(s).

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