[VIDEO] Fabiani Bridge

In late August, Ljubljana finally got a crucial piece of traffic infrastructure which completed the so called “inner road ring”. Fabiani bridge across the Ljubljanica River connects Roška and Njegoševa streets, cutting commute time between Poljane and Tabor neighbourhoods by a substantial margin. The bridge itself was controversial. Bridges tend to be. This particular bridge is a two-level construction with motor traffic on top and pedestrian and cyclist traffic below. Also, it is a four-lane bridge connecting a three-lane road to a two-lane road, which raised many-an-eyebrow. But it works.

However, the lower level of the bridge was just as controversial: a bicycle lane which starts on one bank and does not go in a straight line to the other bank was a point where mayor Zoran Janković and vice-mayor for urban planning Janez Koželj got plenty of flak. Also, the stairs on the left bank seem to be quite a challenge to negotiate. But as far as cyclists go, pengosky was in the neighbourhood recently and decided to have a look…

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  1. It was a lot more difficult to negotiate the banks of the Ljubljanica to and from the city centre on foot when the whole construction site was blocked off, as I found out one night last April… :mrgreen:

  2. I love the noise the bike makes. As for the route, you broke the rules a few times, but that’s OK.

  3. Dear Mr. Peng, you demonstrated that it is not too difficult to cross the bridge on a bicycle… if you break some traffic rules.
    You know, turning left when you ought to have gone right is not always very positive. I even think the right way towards Njegoševa is a bit shorter. 😈

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