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A lovely thing happened yesterday in Slovene twitosphere. Yours truly started a little shtick where one posted a Slovenian translation of a verse of a song, whereupon everyone else were to guess the performer and song title. The first person to guess correctly was then entitled to continue the thread, while his/her correct answer was confirmed via a re-tweet by the verse’s originator.

#prevodikomadov trending on Sitweet.com

The whole thing was being run under the hasthag #prevodikomadov which roughly corresponds to “lyrics translation” and it started trending relatively quickly, securing the top position in Slovenian Twitter trends fairly soon. And while pengovsky came up with the idea and the hashtag, it should be noted that @loudanvicked helped craft the final rules of the game and that the whole thing would get out of control hadn’t he, @DavorinPavlica and many others helped curate the whole thing.

It all started with this innocent take on Shout by Tears for Fears

and ended some 360+ tweets (and counting) later. Granted, not all of these tweets included an actual verse. Some were merely guiding (curating) tweets, others were the same solutions by multiple users to the same verse, still others RTs of correct answers. But since I really can’t be bothered to sift through the entire CVS file, let’s just take things at face value and proclaim @DavorinPavlica as the most active user of #pravikomadi (myself excluded for obvious reasons).

Here’s Davorin’s take on Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

And while we’re at it, a special shoutout goes to the one and only Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama, the top-tier stand-up comic and most excellent translator of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice saga. This is how @Pizama sees Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers in Slovenian:

And since bizarre picks are bizarre, a hat tip to @jkmcnk for floating this special gem of Slovenian electro-pop: Fredi Miler – Vedno si sanjala njega


And here’s the complete #prevodikomadov playlist, as submitted by 0020 hrs this morning. Seventy-two songs, in order of appearance:

Tears for Fears – Shout
A-ha – Cry Wolf
Deep Purple – When A Blind Man Cries
Snoop Dog – Aint Nutt’n But G Thang
Lewis and the News – Power of Love
Blur – Girls and Boys
Jimmy Reed – Big Boss Man
Korn – Twisted Transistor
Pixies – Where is my mind
Bad Religion – Generator
Bob Dylan – Motorpsycho NIghtmare
Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing
Bruce Springsteen – Lucky Town
Beatles – Day in life
Led Zeppelin – Dyer Maker
Chop Suey – SOAD
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bride
Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the devil
Pink Floyd – Money
Flogging Molly – What’s Left Of The Flag
Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
Zaz – Je Veux
Bob Dylan – All Along The Wathctower
Liza Minelli – Cabaret
Taio Cruz ft Flo Rida – Hangover
Deep Purple – Hush
Fredi Miler – Vedno si sanjala njega
Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name
Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclypse Of The Heart
Jerry Reed – Tupelo Mississippi Flash
Sum 41 – We’re All To Blame
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
The Doors – The End
Bruce Springsteen – Tougher Than The Rest
Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
Mick Jagger – Wired All Night
Buffallo Springfield – For What It’s Worth
Monty Python – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Prodigy – Smack my bitch up
Azra – Pametni i knjiski ljudi
Slayer – Can’t Stand You
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
The Andrews Sisters – Bei mir bist du schön
Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Sting – Roxane
Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
George Michael – Praying for Time
Michael Jackson – Beat It
Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed
KUD Idijoti – Punk`s njet mrtav
U2 – Zooropa
Beatles – Ain’t She Sweet
Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole
Grand Funk Railroad – Heartbreaker
Zabranjeno Pušenje – Zenica blues
Pink Floyd – Time
Amon Amarth – Twilight Of The Thunder God
Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale
Radiohead – Green Plastic Trees
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Outasight – Figure 8
The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Maja Keuc – I’m a Tree and You’re a Baloon
Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
Pink Floyd – Hey You
Status Quo – Whatever you Want
Bjelo Dugme – Hajdemo u planine
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
Sunrise Avenue – Hollywood Hills
Radiohead – Karma Police

I loved it! And if I missed or miscounted anything, feel free to correct me in the comments section 😀

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