The Kid Who Should Be Tarred And Feathered

I know there are more important subjects to cover, critical to the future of the country finances i.e.: pension reform and the general referendum hoopla including the epic fails (or are they?) of the government ‘yes’ campaign. However, the thing that got me shouting at the TV set yesterday was not the stupidity of putting a silicon-wrecked blonde in front of the camera saying ‘no’ to the reform and hoping for a ‘yes’ result via reverse psychology.

Aleksander Spremo blocking reporter of TV Slovenia from entering offices of Piran Student Club (source)

No, what sent pengovsky on an expletives-laden rant that would make German porn-stars cringe with discomfort was one Aleksander Spremo who, apparently, yesterday last weekend tried to take over the Piran Student Club in the finest manner of muscle democracy where the toughest guy gets the most votes and if you’re not cool with that there’s a big-boned gentleman in the back who sucks at chiropractics to give you a twice-over.

According to a report by TV Slovenia (Slovene only) Spremo and a group of colleagues showed up at a meeting of the Piran Student Club and declared himself president of the club. A stand-off took place which included a police intervention, changing of locks by the municipal authorities (who apparently own offices leased by the club) and even preventing access to journalists by Spremo himself.

Now, all of the above would not merit a blogpost had it not been for one tiny detail. Aleksander Spremo, now a freshman at the Faculty of Law (!) was until recently president of High School Student’ Organisation of Slovenia and was actively involved in student protests against (now dead) law on menial work a year ago which disintegrated into pointless violence and vandalizing the parliament.

The journalist in me knows that there are always two sides to a story. But Spremo’s excuse for frivolous interpretation of democratic standards, namely that the sitting president Rebeka Mahnič “failed to complete a satisfactory number of projects” is flimsy at best and hints at a thinly veiled agenda. What that might be, is almost a no-brainer: student organisations are possibly the last source of money where accountability is a mere after-thought.

I’m not saying that everything was a-OK with Piran Student Club to date (I’ve no information on the club, much less any interest in it’s working), but the very fact that Spremo is involved is disturbing. Namely, this kid, who apparently became the stereotypical arrogant freshman law student should be, instead of trying to muscle his way into a money-pot, hiding under the biggest rock in the darkest hole possible, hoping that no-one will ever remember him, much less find him.

If all things were good and fair in this world, Aleksander Spremo should be tarred and feathered on the spot. But instead he studies law, paid for by the very same state he helped stone a year ago. And he gets to shove journalists around. That he is probably just running bag for someone else is also almost a given. I’m not saying that he hasn’t the mental capacity to cook something like this by himself, but given the fact that things escalated to the point of grown-ups intervening indicates that bigger issues are at play.

Call it a hunch, but I bet this is somehow connected with rumours of emergence of yet another political party in Slovenia. But that will have to wait. Right now I’d just like to express my utter dismay at the fact that 20-something no-goodniks like Spremo, who haven’t an ounce of responsibility and shame, still have the balls to have a go at public matters. Instead, they should be treated to a healthy dose of bitch-slapping.

There, venting session over… 😀


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8 thoughts on “The Kid Who Should Be Tarred And Feathered”

  1. Wau, horribly wrong. So horribly wrong. And this people have political ambitions. WAU, just so wrong.

  2. In other news, Janša went across the pond and in a fit of absurd sycophancy held a speech saying that Reagan and John Paul II were the most responsible for the fall of communism in Europe. While JPII is debatable, Reagan’s contribution was not much more than jumping on the horse at the last moment, saying some cute thing about Gorbachev having to tear down a certain wall at a PR event and that’s pretty much it. Seriously, it’s only American conservatives that even buy the whole “Reagan gone done killed communism” thing and it’s sickening to hear any self respecting European repeat it. /my own personal rant over 🙂 /

  3. @Cornelius : the fall of communism was in essence an implosion, brought on by the fact that in the USSR, communist bureacracy falsified their numbers because they were scared to project the correct finance situation. The U.S. government, through the CIA, was as surprised as the USSR itself when communism fell.

    JP II, on the other hand, had a big hand in backing Solidarnosc (being a Pole), this is documented. And as such, he did have at least something to do with the fall of communism at least as a political force in Poland, which paved the way for other Eastern European countries.

    Reagan didn’t kill communism, communism killed communism. You rightfully paint JJ as a sycophant. Well, at least they believe him in the U.S., where most people – not just Republicans – sadly don’t know any better…

  4. I know this is getting ridiculously OT here, but I found a video of the “Reagan killed communism” panel, here:

    It’s a bit lengthy, but we’re all politics buffs here, so you might be interested. I have only watched the first couple of minutes, but it starts out promisingly, with people in the audience giggling at the idea that Gorbachev had anything to do with the end of the Cold war and with lamentations about how noone gives Reagan and Thatcher credit for ending the Cold war.

    Ok, I think I’ll now stop with this topic 🙂

  5. Sorry for being mum on the issue. Things to see and people to do 🙂 But yes, glorifying Gipper is just another example of giving credit where credit is not necessarily due. There’s plenty of that going around in Slovenia as well vis-a-vis the independence. And – oh, lookie! – JJ is invovled as well 😀

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