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24 March 2011. 175 events worldwide. Infinite amount of goodwill. And one of those events will be held at Ljubljana Castle. Twitterati and non-Twitterati alike will come together, tweet it and raise funds for Mali Vitez foundation, helping children who underwent cancer treatment. Charity and “going analogue” are at the heart of the Twestival idea and pengovsky is proud to be a small part of the most excellent team organising the 2011 Ljubljana Twestival.

I realise that the fact that yours truly is hosting the event is not the reason to clear your schedule, but you might want to do it anyway. There will be fun. There will be rock&roll and there will be funk, courtesy of The Tide, Žrebci, Tudo and DiscoBalls. There will also be stand-up routines by Iztok Majhenič and Mladen Pahović. And no, I won’t tell you who the surprise guest is. You’ll have to find that out for yourselves. All you have to do is attend the event and buy a Twestival Ljubljana badge.

Oh, and while you read this, you might as well send an text message to number 1919 and thus donate one euro to Mali Vitez. If your mobile providers are Mobitel or Si.Mobil, that is.

Anyways, it’s all for a good cause, Twitter account is not a prerequisite and all proceeds go to Mali Vitez. The event will be also be streamed (URL to be confirmed), but if you’re in the neighbourhood and don’t show up for at least half an hour, you’re just lame. Capisce? 😉 Yes, I know there’s shit going on in Libya and that Japan is still in the middle of a huge clusterfuck. I also know there’s a Slovene MEP who resigned on corruption charges amounting to 100k euro. But we should make room for some good news as well, no?

Oh, and if you are on Twitter, be a sport and RT this 🙂

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, twestival shmestival. Now get to work and write a post about the latest shit hitting the fan in the corridors of the European Parliment..

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