Top Gun (who’s who in local elections)

Pengovsky is not covering this year’s local elections to the extent he’d like. He’s much too busy doing that very same thing for The Firm™. Also, there’s been some light rain recently and as a result blogging suffered. Hopefully this will improve in the coming weeks and to kick it off, here’s a round-up of candidates for mayor of Ljubljana in the October elections. If you remember this post, then you know what to expect 🙂

Top Gun (who’s who in Ljubljana local election) from pengovsky on Vimeo.

Note: LCWD stands for List for Clean Drinking Water (yeah, I know!) and LZJ stands for List of Zoran Janković (not very imaginative, but it does get the message across.).

EDIT: Also, please note that there are also four other candidates running. But they don’t really matter and I don’t really mind. 🙂

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