Parts of Ljubljana Flooded

Yesterday and today Slovenia was hit by some heavy rain which caused some serious flooding. Even in Ljubljana. Pengovsky was out and around doing work for The Firm™ and below are some pics taken during this eventful weekend which bears promise of more rain still. The hardest hit areas in Ljubljana include Vič, Murgle, Brdo, Vrhovci and Kozarje.

But as you can see, some people had fun nevertheless :mrgreen:

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7 thoughts on “Parts of Ljubljana Flooded”

  1. You – and everyone else – keep safe, ok? Hope the city and its inhabitants won’t get hit too hard by this…

  2. Thanks for worrying, the city and its people seem to be OK. Some power outages and a lot of water to pump out, but that’s it, more or less.

    There’s still tomorrow, though…

  3. Hi,
    We were driving from Italy and wanted to stay in a hotel in Ljubljana. We could not enter the town by car, practically we could hardly get away in the heavy rain and because of people bringing their cars up to the bridge at the southern gate of the city.
    We saw many fields covered by water even 50 kms away from Ljubljana as we drove towards Maribor.

    We hope things get back to normal soon.
    Laszlo from Hungary

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