Someone Nicked The President’s Car

And I don’t mean his Volkswagen, Volvo, or whatever it is Danilo Türk used to drive before he got elected. No, I mean his official wheels, a 2007 BMW 530ix which is (well, was) a part of presidential motor-fleet. Worth around 30k €, the car was apparently stolen almost a month ago in Ljubljana. According to POP TV, the car was used by one of the drivers, whereupon it was broken into and driven away.

Wanted: Presidental Beemer (source)

While we may be dealing with simple case of grand theft auto here, there is a distinct possibility that the car was stolen for purposes other than just delivery somewhere East of Ukraine. Those of you who follow this blog a bit longer will remember that theft at this high a level is not uncommon in this country. Chances are, this is just another entry in the ever-longer list of security breaches that are never fully explained or investigated (at least officially). Just like post-election break-in into headquarters of Social Democrats in early 2009.

I mean, seriously, people?! If security at the highest level of politics sucks that much, then Slovene security services are a bunch of diletantes and amateurs. But I’m not buying that. Not yet, anyway. Since we’re dealing with a presidential limo, the possibility of this being an intelligence job, increases dramatically and a thorough cleaning of the barn is probably in order. But whatever the case, this is one big multi-level fuck-up.

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