How A Month Of Football Can Alter Your Life (A Guest Post by Simona Novinec)

With the World Cup finally over, we can take a deep breath and take one last look at the last month, when the world at times seemed to have stopped, while at others it appeared to be turning just at the right speed. But this time around the reflection is not pengovsky’s. It was written by Simona Novinec, a member of the famous Nogomet za punce/Football for Girls Facebook Group. In case you missed it (or actually have a life outside football), the group grew from a couple of members to more than a thousand in less than a month and Simona was just a big a part as any other member. So, here it is, Simona Novinec’s guest post.

Football for girls” in action (photo by Miha Fras)

The 19th FIFA World Cup (WC), held on the African soil for the first time in its history, is over. Accordingly, below are 19 facts that best summarize how 2010 South Africa WC taking place between 11th June and 11th July has influenced my life/football (perspectives):

1. I’ve been asked if »Nogomet za punce« (hereinafter “Football for girls” or “NZP”) is my full time profession. #Iwish, #majkemi

2. I now never drink anything stronger than GinTonic before breakfast.

3. What happens if you don’t drink enough GIN during the World Cup?
– You are doomed to teuTONIC football games.

4. My first association on the FB abbreviation is now FootBall.

5. Football is a peaceful way of getting rid of aggression. It’s e.g. a fight to reach the top ranking in the Google search without going to jail for that purpose.

6. Life is like football. We need goals and everyone should work hard and run to reach them. We never know how it would end. Everything is possible. Earth is a round ball.

7. Apart from the fairy tales, it is also in the real world that a dwarf (e.g. Slovenia) can tell a political and/or economic giant (e.g. Russia, England, the USA) what the time is, even when not on the giant’s shoulders.

8. Football is more powerful than politics. Although the world cup probably lost its political virginity already when invented in 1930, and although manipulated by bigshots and programmed by technocrats in every detail, football remains the art of unpredictability. It doesn’t matter how big you are or how much political or economic power, how much coast you have, or if the latter is oil-free.

9. I would prefer being a professional football player to the politician. For being the latter I spend too much of my own money, while, considering I hardly avoid a four letter F word when doing sports, I could easily suit into any of the football teams. Famous word is not called FIFA, however.

10. What is the main difference between football and political game? The former takes a cooperation of a left wing, a right wing and the centre to reach the goal, while different political players each stay standstill in their own wings, not even aware of their goal directions. Life, like football depends on team work to play as well as to win the games. Football players should give national as well as world stage politicians a lesson on concepts such as “cooperation”, “team”, “homogeneity”, “clear goals”, etc.

11. Football is a smart game. High balls can only be kicked by the head.

12. South Africa and Africa in general, considered as one of the most unsafe places in the world, has been claimed to be too dangerous for the WC. However, what was the real danger during the 2010 WC in South Africa?
– To play against cheetahs.

13. I truly believe in mantra “The most important is not to win, but to take part in the (football/life) game”. If it was really only about winning, there would be no room for improvement.

14. World Cup is a show of a diverse but united melting pot of races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, and gender. Major power of football is its universality.

15. A “Football is not for women” stereotype is an OFFSIDE joke.

16. For those who still believe “Female for football” idea is crazy: there in no wisdom and genius without madness.

17. If you are not sure you can digest Sushi for a dinner, never doubt in octopus Paul.

18. Considering the fact that only 50 kilometres away from Johannesburg more than 3 million years old human remains and hominid fossils have been found in the so called Cradle of Humanity, we can say that humanity won the World Cup.

19. However, from the 2010 WC on, what will the Spanish flag say to the Dutch one in honour on the Flag Day? Nothing, it will just wave.

Congratulations Spain and all 31 other football elites. And once again, congratulations Slovenia national football team for sweeping the slogan “Slovenci skijaši” (“Slovenians are skiers), originating yet from the Yugoslavian times, under the doormat forever.

If not yet a member of the FB group “Nogomet za punce”, I personally very much advise you to join this group that combines serious and fun in a very special way. There are rare life opportunities that balance joy and seriousness to such a great extent.

Last but not least, “thnx to all NZP members, especially all the girls and the female guests of honour!” #cime:) 2010 South Africa WC will never be forgotten, #majkemi!

P.S.: All of the facts above have a grain of truth in them. Just don’t expect the whole loaf of bread.:)

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  1. Enjoyed the post and pleased womens’ football is taking off in Slovenia. My daughter is a qualified football coach in the UK and its really big over here.

    Also had a look at the Facebook page, but sadly in these complicated times we live in its not really the kind of thing a 55 year old man can sign up to! And its in Slovenian.

    But well done to Simona and colleagues – keep up the good work

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