Katarina Kresal To Take Over as PM

As reported by The Firm™ earlier today, leader of Liberal democrats (LDS) Katarina Kresal will today take over as Prime Minister. The move is in accordance with Article 4, Section 1 of the Coalition Agreement, where the members of the quartet agreed to divide the time at the helm of the government according to their election result. Thus leader of Social democrats Borut Pahor held the premiership until yesterday, while Kresal will hand it over to leader of Zares Gregor Golobič some time mid-August. He in turn will act as PM until early May 2011, whereupon Karl Erjavec (or whoever will lead DeSUS at the time) will run the government until February 2012, when Pahor will again take over to finish the term.


The move is highly unorthodox and with dubious constitutional grounds, which is why the opposition went apeshit and demanded an extraordinary session of the parliament. It also called on the Constitutional court to decide on the legality of the move. This story is bound to develop durind the day, so watch this space…

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  1. Women make the world go round, but would Katarina do the same with Slovenija? Hmmmmmm… It may be April, but I’m no fool. 😉

  2. Well, it is called “saving the national economy” nowadays, by men with bonuses…

  3. So, Alcessa, you prove the point I’ve been making all along : women make the world go round… By shopping. :mrgreen:

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