Petra Majdič after winning bronze in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (source)

The courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

Some ask whether it is worth it? It was for Petra Majdič. Way to go, girl! You just put Chuck Norris to shame! :mrgreen:

But there’s a time and place for everything. Now is the time to go home and patch yourself up.

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7 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. You can count on Slovenia to deliver a heroic sports-related tearjerker tale every few years or so. Loves it!
    On another note, didn’t know that the Christian Science Monitor was your news source of choice…

  2. That woman has balls. Those idiots at the Dutch Eurosport commentator desk didn’t even know she was injured and I could hear things like ‘Oh, Majdic isn’t really performing up to standard, she’s a bit overrated’. Oh, really?

  3. @sparkica: With all due respect… there’s no way to terminate Chuck Norris’ fame 😀

    @šuši: Chuck Norris only eats raw steaks. But in this case I think the entire Delta Force would not be able to stop Petra 😉

    @Poulette: In all honesty CSM had the best “human interest” angle on Petra 😀 You gotta give credit where credit is due 🙂

    @Dr.Arf: They did it at their own peril. As of yesterday Chuch Norris has a bruised ego. Guess where’s he’s headed to mend it 😉 Nice choice of music, though 😀

  4. Poulette: You are right, Slovenia doth deliver heroism from time to time and our people in Bratislava are shown all over the world, celebrating 😈

    The only thing I hate about it are Germans using the same tone as in those bloody condescending sentences like “Oh, your German is quite good!” 👿 I hate them saying things like “Oh yes, Slovenian ski jumpers! They do say they don’t have as much money as other countries, but when they win every now and then, it’s really deserved because they tried so hard!”
    There are people I am not going to call for a week or two now because I don’t want to hear anything about German gold medals and Petra getting broze with diamonds despite her broken ribs.

    Maybe Chuck could help me teach some people the right way of speaking about Slovenes? 😈

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