Rocco to Succeed Teflon Karl

Just to keep you up to date with the latest development on the aftermath of Karl Erjavec’s succession: Prime Minister Borut Pahor nominated Roko Žarnić, professor at Faculty for Civil and Geodetic Engineering as candidate for minister for environment and urban planning.

Rocco… eeerrr…. Roko Žarnić, the new soon-to-be minister (source:

Technically, Roko Žarnić was picked by DeSUS in a not-so-fierce competition with Ljubljana head of Department of Urban Development Miran Gajšek and while he will probably not have film-props made after his body parts (unlike his more popular pornstar namesake), he does have his work, eeer, cut out for him. But his first order of business will be to attend and survive the hearing in front of the relevant parliamentary committee, where he is expected to fare along the lines of political division, i.e. to get the support of coalition parties, but not much else.

But as if to prevent excessive drabness, Zmago Jelinčič of Slovene National Party said that his party will not support Žarnić because “not only is he Croatian by birth, he holds double citizenship and will serve the interests of his second or rather first [Croatian] homeland“.

And just when one thought that ethnically-related hits below the belt were coming out fashion

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