The Sleeping Beauty

The Glory of Carniola, frozen in time.

As Les pointed out yesterday, 1 February marks the anniversary of The Glory of Carniola going dormant. The event should indeed not go unmarked, especially since TGoC and its creator Michael M. were probably the single most important factor in pengovsky’s decision to start bloggin’ fo real with his own blog, domain and all.

Here’s to hoping that Carniola and Michael will one day be back. In whatever way, shape or form they may choose to do so.

P.S.: While we’re in the sorely missed category, the absence of La Poulette and Crni is also painfully noted (although the latter occasionally still pops up). The same goes for a whole lot of other people who kept the blogosphere going in the good old days. Good thing alcessa is still here 🙂

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12 thoughts on “The Sleeping Beauty”

  1. 😳 alcessa started blogging because of Majkl, too… Like you, I still hope he’ll return (though I don’t even know why he stopped blogging)…

    Damn. Talking about the good old virtual times does feel… strange. 🙂

  2. I too would like to see Michael M. return (and am equally foggy about the reasons for his sudden disappearance.

    Since he was primarily responsible for introducing me to those facets of Slovenia not revealed by guidebooks, I am in his debt, especially so since I came to read (and meet) the esteemed Mr. P via the Glory of Carniola blog.

    We all live in hope of a phoenix like resurrection for the “Glory of Carniola” blog.

  3. Boo-hoo indeed! Carniola went dormant on the Poulette’s 30th birthday no less – mere coincidence? I think not. And unless he has a new blog I know nothing about, Crni hasn’t popped up since July 2008…
    As for the Poulette, why the Poulette has just become a boring homebody and one that’s currently waiting to hatch an egg at that. Gone are the days of blogworthy adventure and excitement. Perhaps I’ll start one of those cheesy mommy blogs though, discussing the pros and cons of breastfeeding and posting cutesy pictures of my spawn… or perhaps not.

  4. cutesy spawn pictures, teh hen, dearest, will be very welcome in some sixteen years, provided the spawn has XX chromosome portfolio. 😉

  5. @jaKa, nope, ‘fraid the spawn will fall in Pengovsky’s Monday Morning Meat category. But like any good mother, I’ll make damn sure he gets there someday.

  6. maybe if we all attend kurentovanje in Maribor (the last known whereabouts of Mr. Manske), the combination of our will plus whatever freaky paganistic stuff they’re doing will raise Carniola from the ashes…i’m sure it couldn’t hurt…

  7. @alecssa: time flows differently in virtual universe, no? 😉

    @Adriaan: I think a lot of Slovenes discovered Slovenia just the way you did via Carniola.

    @Poulette: Crni did make a couple of cameo appearances in the comment section of this humble blog. As for you, I’m sure yours would be a mummy-blog with a twist 😉

    @jaKa, Poulette: So, I should keep a slot open?

    @Karmen: Yeah, Norec stopped running, or so I hear 😀

    @Domen: Nice, thx!

    @camille: Are you calling a blog-meet (or a tweet-meet) in Ptuj? 😉

  8. Norec is now dancing instead of running. 😉 I’ll telh him that he’s dearly missed.

    But even more missed is Michael. Please come back! I promise I’ll try providing content and pointing out interesting pieces of info for you, to make blogging less time consuming for you! I’ll be a good girl. 🙂

  9. Nice to see so many people feel the way I did and I can only echo everyone’s comments.

    At least I still have my daily visit to Pengovsky (3 on Fridays) to look forward to.

    BTW – if you visit Bled Castle and press the button for the English version of the tourist commentary it is read by none other than Mr Manske himself. I’m sure you all knew that but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

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