Next Stop: South Africa

They say a picture is a thousand words. So here you have it, in 16,000 words, Ljubljana yesterday night, after winning 1-0 against Russia and qualifying for 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

All images courtesy The Firm™, photos from Maribor by rollo tomassi

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9 thoughts on “Next Stop: South Africa”

  1. Hmmm. Its interesting that one of the greatest achievements in the short life of a small independent country elicits only one comment.

    It will be as interesting to see how many a nice pair of tits and a smooth pussy will get tomorrow.

    I’ll now get my coat and retire into oblivion for a further 12 months.

  2. @Kafkaesque!: Thx! And a good post over at your end as well. Loved it! 🙂

    @Les: Not really surprising. 3/4 of the nation are still drunk as horse on skates, whereas the remainign quarter and the few non-Slovenes who take interest in this country spread out on the infinite number of Slovene blogs which celebrate the Russkie-whoopin’ :mrgreen:

  3. @ Pengovsky: Fair points. And I’d have to concede that one of the reasons I like this blog is that it gives as much weight to the appreciation of tits and fanny (that’s UK fanny, not US) as it does to the great political issues of the day.

    However I’m blown away by the achievements of the Slovenian team on the football field against a major power. Especially how you managed to avoid the fate that the poor Irish suffered.

  4. Congratulations, of course… Just … aren’t you exaggerating a little little little bit with the celebrations ?

  5. @Les: Well, it’s not as if we hadn’t had out fair share of rip-offs in the past. Most notable was our first qualifier ever against Italy, where we should have won, but the ref disallowed our second goal.

    @Grandma: Eeeeer.. No? 😀

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