The Ultimate Attempt At Reconciliation

After the forces of light won the Second World War, they turned out to have a rather peculiar idea on how to go about healing the wounds of war. The project was put on hold until the post-war management ran that particular company into the ground, after which the new management, helped by the local branch of the only true multinational company, tried to reconcile the nation by rewriting history. That didn’t go down well either and we’ve been seeing half-hearted attempts at national reconciliation ever since. Until now…

Forget bridging the political divide. Forget religious tolerance. Forget even bringing together feuding families. If this nation can come to terms with itself, it will do so by marrying industrial rock to turbofolk. Courtesy of Smetnjak (Dustbin) Group, pengovsky is proud to give you Tanz mit Schwanz, a Laibach vs. Atomik Harmonik trash-up, created by the Smetnjak team.


The only remaining question is, whether this makes us an “industrial folk” or a “turbo rock” nation? 😈

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  1. To late for that. From what I’ve heard at my workplace, “The Farm: Celebrity editon” beat you to it.

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