Things To Chew On A Saturday Morning (Vol. 5)


It’s over — we’re officially, royally fucked. No empire can survive being rendered a permanent laughingstock, which is what happened as of a few weeks ago, when the buffoons who have been running things in this country finally went one step too far.

Matt Taibbi in The Big Takeover (Rolling Stone magazine, via dr. filomena)

A marvelous if rather worrying read.

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4 thoughts on “Things To Chew On A Saturday Morning (Vol. 5)”

  1. “…the group of psychopaths on Wall Street whom we allowed to gang-rape the American Dream.”

    Kaj čemo. Vladajo nam psihopati. Ali ste že čisto zares čisto resno slučajno pomislili kaj to pravzaprav pomeni? Bolje, da niste. Držite se svojega posla in svoje pičke, hihi.

    “with an Alien-style death grip on the Treasury and the Federal Reserve,”

    Ekonomisti imajo zelo radi grandiozne metafore. Samo iz tega razloga so mi všeč. No,seveda, če si poleg tega ne štejem za slabo, da je moja (do)življenjska (so)potnica tudi ekonomist (ni preveč dobro veste, ugotavljam zadnje čase.Ampak sem raje tiho).

    Skratka! Napolnite si cule, pograbite loke in puščice in se pripravite na vojno. Soon, very soon!

    LP, Arbi

  2. Until yesterday I was not aware that the FED is in private ownership, so the whole f* system relies on f* private interest. See Federal_Reserve
    There you can reed:
    “Private Ownership

    Section 5 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 states that the Federal Reserve Banks are owned, through stock issuance, by private member banks. The issue of private ownership has been one of controversy for numerous reasons.

    Dennis Kucinich, addressing Congress during the January 2009 session stated, “The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express….If we could take that (money-issuing) power back and place the Federal Reserve under Treasury, we start to be in a position of being able to control monetary policy on behalf of the United States people.”

    One of the first criticisms of the private Federal Reserve system was Charles August Lindbergh who criticized the problem of private banks working against the best interests of the citizens: “The financial system has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board. That Board administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group. The system is Private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money.” “

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