Live From Prešeren Square

Ana Hribar and Klemen Slakonja taking their hats off in front of Prešeren during last year’s event.

As promised yesterday, here is the link for the webcast. I didn’t actually embed the webcast into the blog. I figured if you can be bothered to take a peek at the recital, you might as well do it on The Firm™’s site.

The webcast begins at about 11.50 CET and will probably last 90 minutes. The link will take you to a new page, where you must click on the “play” button.

Hope you like. If you’re feeling frisky, you can also check out the mobile webcast by pointing your mobile phone to

EDIT: It went great. The rain made the whole think even more difficult than it already was, but in the end everything worked perfectly. Some 1500 people attended and braved the weather for a full hour. On demand video will be available here in a day or so.

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