There Are 25,671 Erased

The new Minister of Interior Katarina Kresal and her State Secretary Goran Klemenčič yesterday published final numbers and action plan in case of Izbrisani (The Erased). For more background information I strongly recommend these two posts by Michael The Great, but the bottom line is that while the commonly accepted number was some 18,000 people whose legal status went from “citizen or legal alien” to “does not exist” (and remained there for 17 years), it now turns out that there are 25,671 individuals who were erased from records in February 2991 1992, did not exist as fas as state was concerned, were not entitled to any benefits and could not execute their rights and duties as either citizens or legal aliens.

Izbrisani – a satirical comedy by Boom Theatre

State Secretary Klemenčič said yesterday that the ministry will immediately start recognising legal status retroactively to those individuals who have managed to re-aquire legal residence in the meantime.The rest will, however, have their status legalised by a special law.

And none too soon, might I add. Of the 25,671 people, 1302 have already died and with them died any claims to compensation by the state. Because there will have to be compensations. Imagine seventeen years of being denied public health care, work and pensions and still have to live somehow. These people will want their money back. And it is only right that they get it. Not to mention the fact they are entitled to some sort of compensation for violation of their basic human rights.

However – while I’m all for giving them back monies they spent on social services they would have been entitled to had they not been erased, I would like to see the compensation for violation of human rights being decided in a court of law, perhaps in a class-suit, or on a case-by-case basis. Namely – if the Erased have a case against the government, then it is not for the government to decide how they should be compensated.

And if the court decides that they’re entitled to astronomical compensation, then it is only right they take the state to the cleaner’s.

EDIT: In reply to Dr. Filomena’s comment, here’s the link to the Dispatches programme by CBC, where journalist Lisa Hale reports on Izbrisani.

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  1. I’m impressed with the public appearances of Goran Klemenčič. He comes across as a true, well-qualified professional.

    Perhaps you might be able to find a link to a certain Canadian radio show on the subject?

    Let’s hope this issue will now finally be resolved!

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