Was It White Funny Powder?


Branko “Gizmo” Grims, Janez Janša‘s top attack dog, Goebbels-wannabe and SDS‘s expert on media manipulation, human rights abuse and creative economy analysis received an envelope which contained white powder. At first he didn’t even want to comment on it, but then he did call a press coference and called it “an act bordering on terrorism” and claimed that he received the powder because of his positions on the Erased issue.

Since you’re liable to get anthrax in Slovenia only if you’re a member of Ungulate persuasion, there are several competing theories as to what exactly was in that envelope. People say it’s either coke, baking soda and even dandruff.

Whatever it was, it sure wasn’t anthrax. Because if it were, Blasting Branko here would already be pushing up daisies. My bet is that he mailed it to himself because there was a long period of two days that he wasn’t on prime-time television.

But I must admit I like the coke angle. It reminds me of this particular epidose of The New Statesman:

Was it white funny powder?

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  1. Without prejudice to my opinion on whether this incident is linked to the issue of ‘the erased’, the thought that springs to mind immediately is how infinitely short a period of time the man may have possibly spent in fear in comparison with the years of agony suffered by many of the innocent non-citizens.

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