It’s Not Personal. It’s Strictly Business

The Prez slammed the final nail in Dimitrij Rupel’s ambassadorial ambitions’ coffin om Tuesday. While giving an interview on state radio, he said that “people who represent this country, must enjoy the country’s complete confidence, which includes the confidence of the President of the Repulic. (…) When these nominations were made, I was not given complete and benevolent infomation, and that’s why there’s no trust on my part

I guess there’s no turning back now… People whom Dimitrij Rupel used to boss around hold key posts now and his carrer depends on them. Make that past tense. Because unless President Türk and Prime Minister Pahor come to some sort of a weird agreement, Rupel’s carreer is over. Ende. Schluss. Finito. Fin. Vege.

But hey! It’s strictly business 😉

EDIT@1630 hrs: Talk about putting a foot in my mouth. Today PM Borut Pahor named Dimitrij Rupel as his special envoy for foreign relations. I’m beyond speechles. Why, Borut?

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19 thoughts on “It’s Not Personal. It’s Strictly Business”

  1. I think he technically still holds a proffesor title at Kp university. so i guess he will move on to give competent geograhpy lectures..

  2. P, you were wrong 🙁

    “Pahor imenoval Rupla za posebnega odposlanca za zunanje zadeve”
    STA 27.11. @ 2:19.

  3. 🙁
    I did not vote for Pahor to get Rupel back?! Not sure what lead Pahor to such decision…

  4. Oh shit… I turn my back on things for a couple of hours and this is what happens?

    Nice job, Borut, really nice job… 😕

    There goes the neighbourhood… *sigh*

  5. So bloody insensitive. It’s Mr. P’s birthday and this is what he gets? Then again, P, this event emanates a certain hope that eternity can indeed be attained.

    Happy birthday!

  6. Well, actually, as a real person, I am quite lost for words and do not feel clever enough to give advice…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, though, Pengovsky!!! I guess you know by now the big 3-Oh is nothing special at all (except for the added wisdom)? 🙂 😆

  7. Happy birthday!
    Lets start looking for an other hero. Pahor is dead!
    Long live Türk and Peng!

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