More Lessons On Driving From Ljubljana To Celovec

The picture is symbolic. Plowing services were scarse yesterday (source)

When driving from Ljubljana to Celovec, take the following into account

Lesson No. 1: Do not go via Korensko sedlo. Ever

Lesson No. 2: The above does not necesarily mean that you have to go via Ljubelj moutain pass.

Lesson No. 3: Lesson No. 2 applies especially in case of heavy snow. In which case use Karavanke tunnel

Lesson No. 4: There are still good people on this Earth. However, a certain subcontractor of ÖAMTC is not one of them. While he did tow me & my ride back to the Slovenian side of the border, he charged me almost 30 percent above what the operator said over the phone.

But hey… all is well that ends well. Noone was hurt and the plane took off with a full complement of passangers.

P.S.: We’ll get more political soon. There’s lots to tell…

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13 thoughts on “More Lessons On Driving From Ljubljana To Celovec”

  1. This is really off topic: yesterday I heard Sarkozy say that we (Europe) really need to save the auto industry because it feeds 10% of the French population. We are already suffocating in cars, why do we (or anyone else) have to save that particular industry? A major shift is needed here, in thinking, acting and reacting. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A SHEEP ANYMORE!!!
    Sorry for this excursion.
    Snow is fine and plows are good.

  2. @venera: I could have used your former sheepness yesterday. Please, when you shed the wool, send it my way so my furry friends can knit me a sweater that will keep me warm in case of car troubles in winter snow. In Luxembourg (as well), apparently all traffic came to a (more or less loud-bang) stop due to the light snowfall.

    @P: Here’s another read for a long winter night 😈

  3. It’s freezing, a sparrow flies and falls down, a cow comes and make some shit on him, he worms up and starts chirping, a cat hears him and eats him.
    What do we learn: its not everybody a enemy who puts you in shit, don’t chirp when you are deep in shit and there is not everybody a friend who gets you out of shit.
    And what do we learn from today’s situation, venera?
    When you are big enough as a bank, insurance company, industry …, you can shit as you like. You will be saved no matter what!

  4. I’ve been watching too much RTV SLO2 lately. You know all those global warming, catastrophic predictions and such nightmareish stuff.
    It just takes some shit parabole and I am laughing my ass off.
    Thank you

  5. @Filomena: I sold all my wool at Novi Sad market about 10 days ago at 800 dinars/kg. Sun was shining warm and I forgot I had to keep it for the coming cold days. Typical of sheep.

  6. @ gandalf: Checked briefly. If I judge by the ever growing traffic in my home town, your old employer is not loud enough.

  7. I remember moving here, not having a drivinglicense. What a shock.. commuting postojna-koper to go to university is impossible by train. The schedule needed for that is only in place during summers, because apperently trains are for tourists.. Ironically, many other ex-commie countries(non-yugo ones) have amazing public transport.. anyway. enough about this, it makes me a bit depressed.

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