Pahor Gets Nod As Obama, McCain Wait For One

As the world waits for the US voters to decide (failing that, for the US courts to decide, not that everyone is holding their breath), Slovenian President Danilo Türk formally nominated leader of Social Democrats Borut Pahor as his candidate for PM.

President Türk and PM nominee Pahor (source)

The Parliament will hold the vote on Friday, when Pahor is expected to win the nomination easily. He might have a bit more trouble with forming the government, though. Karl Erjavec of DeSUS is again playing maverick and demands one of the big portfolios for himself (foreign, internal, judicial or defence), whereas Pahor apparently made it clear that all of those are off the table and offered him social affairs instead (curioulsy, that is exaclty what DrSean was asking the other day) Erjavec rejected the portfolio flat out, much to dismay of DeSUS’ MPs.

In any case, Pahor will have 15 days starting Friday to come up with a cabinet and will – if successful – be sworn two months and five days before whoever succeeds Dubya on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

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