Something To Chew On A Tuesday Morning

Just a few lines to chew on:

The Court of Audit issued its audit of last year’s budget.. The gist of it? While the government claimed to have created a 37 million euros in surplus, the auditors discovered that they’ve created a 9 million euros in deficit. Ther reason? The government failed to declare a transfer of Telekom shares to state-fund SOD, which would (and indeed did) put the budget in red. Looks like pengovsky was right nine months ago. It just wasn’t NKBM.

The Prez decided to convene the new parliament on 15 October and gave a reception for members of the outgoing parliament and government, but PM Janša failed to attend.. So did two thirds of his cabinet and almost half of MPs. What the fuck? Your President hosts a party for you, thanking you for your service to the country and you can’t find the time? Jesus! I mean, I know defeats hurt, but this….?

Karel Erjavec of DeSUS needn’t fear for his future. If coalition talks fail, he will aparently film remakes of several H’wood classics.


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P.S.: This post was initally supposed to be published on Saturday, but it somehow wasn’t.

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