Get The Fuck Off The Stage

This one is exactly a week old, but it is still a telling story. Upon his return to his hometown of Brežice, Slovenian Olympic gold-medalist Primož Kozmus was greeted by more that 5000 fans and a couple of politicians, including Prime Minster Janez Janša, who was – somewhat surprisingly – booed throughout his short speech. Surprsingly, because booing at politicians is not exactly commonplace in Slovenia. Indeed I’d venture to say that even Milan Kučan at an SDS even would receive a warmer reception (OK, I may be pushing it here :)) And secondly, because Janša’s SDS carried Brežice by a huge margin in 2004 elections (it got some 44% of the vote) and yet Janša was received by a definite lack of enthusiasm.

Janša starts talking at 02:00 (source: POP TV)

Now it could very well be argued that it wasn’t political and that the crowd just resented JJ trying to steal the moment and thougth that he had no place on the stage, but only weeks before elections everything is political. And the PM getting booed at is not a good thing. But he needn’t worry. RTVSLO – the state television did not report on it at all. Instead, they cut his speech out altogether, and just showed his handing back the microfone with the crowd cheering. It looked much better 😈

EDIT: You’ve got a nice comparison over at JaKa’s – he dug out SDS‘s version of the event and the one published by

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  1. When I first saw that video, I couldn’t believe JJ actually pulled out the medals-per-capita thing… A petty look-at-us-we’re-imporant-too factoid that’s not really worthy of a statesman.

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