A Problematic Poll(ster)

Today’s post is already sligthly outdated as new polls were published earlier in the day, but as I didn’t get around to entering the data, here are the results of a poll ran by TV Slovenia on Sunday. It is a funny poll and one could make all sorts of conclusions out of it. But as you’ll see, the main problem this poll has is – credibility…


In this latest poll none but the two big parties (SD and SDS) received more than four percent of the vote. Which is odd. More likely, it is incorrect. These results are not corroborated in any of the existing polls – not even the one commisioned by the government. So I’m wondering: didn’t anyone at Interstat (they’re TV SLO’s pollsters) double-check the results or were they too busy tweaking them to make sure SDS comes out on top, to notice that they were getting a completely distorted picture in the lower part of the chart…

In any case, a problematic poll. Hence, no pengovsky’s projection today. Tommorow we’ll have more serious data to work with.

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  1. Yeah, a two party system. Just what we need to show it to those tycoons and their corruption&clientelism.

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