Hey There People, I’m Bobby Brown

According to reports by the antigovernment media (thx, dr. fil), Prime minister Janez Janša made an offer to Boško Šrot. If Šrot were to put Delo back under government SDS control willingly (and, presumably, immediatelly), Boško Šrot will not get arrested. Reports vary from this point on. Delo writes that Šrot categorically refused the offer, while Dnevnik at first reported he was seriously considering it in exchange for total control of Mercator retail chain – which just happens to be the largest distributor of Laško beer. The PM’s cabinet denied the story promptly. But they would, wouldn’t they?

“Eventually me and a friend sort of drifted into S and M…” (source and source)

Wow. I mean. WOW! Holy shit! How stupid can you get? Janša made that very same deal with Boško Šrot in August 2005 (almost three years ago), when Janša and his people got managerial and editorial control over Delo and got rid of Zoran Janković at the helm of Mercator, while Šrot got most of Mercator and a carte blanche for acquiring Laško Brewery. Two years later Boško Šrot double-crossed Janša and put Delo back under his own control, completing takeover of Laško brewery and becoming 1.6 billion euros richer.

And now Janša wants to do it all over again?. Sheesh.

One of the less discused traits of our prime minister is his tendency to repeat his mistakes. But with this he is dropping his pants, bending over and saying “Again, please…”

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  1. Whoever said politicians were intelligent?

    Mind you, I can think of quite a number who appear to be masochists…

  2. sheesh … I’ve been saving the Bobby Brown allegory for the I-Am-Not-Gay-Borut just prior to election for months … now, with you using it for JJ, I guess I need to find another one … 😉

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