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Janez Škof is an exceptional Slovenian actor who can say a thing or two about Slovenes and this nation’s proverbial small-mindedness and self-importance. But there are ways to go about it and then there are ways to go about it, if you catch my meaning. Janez Škof captured this in an intro to a song about “human fish”, which was gold at first and – according to the song – only became after it bit half an arse off a young beauty. But this is Slovenia, and in Slovenia some things are more important than others 🙂 Enyoj – I hope the lyrics are audiable.

Ladies and germanies! Welcome to Slovenia! Slovenia is very, very, very, very… small country. But there are very very very very high mountayns! Very white in the wintertime, with a lot of highland anim-als, who… which are making stinking of them! Yes!

But this is not most important! Maybe it is most important that in Slovenia we has also very big and very.. dark… woods. Very geen woods…. Sherwoods with a lot of lubadars inside… and a specially kind of Slovenian borelian klop..

But it is nots most important!!! Maybe it is most important than in Slovenia we has also the coast! Yes! We have our own part of the coast, which is… ummmm…. ummmm… attaching to our sea. Because our sea is Adriatic Slovenian sea. It is through Croatiaian directily connected to the biggest oceans in the world! Yeees!

But it is not the most important. Maybe it is most important that everywhere, everywhere in Slovenia you can find little holes… And if you find the hole you have to start to dig. And if you dig, dig, dig, dig, dig enough, you come to bigger hole. And if you dig, dig, dig, dig again, you come to the biggest hall… Jamagrotecave… Very dark inside. Very spooky.

There is the lake, there is some very natural Slovenian spring water. And it that springy Slovenian natur-el water, without any bubbles. There is really one very special anim-al. And she is da fish. But she is not a normal fish. Because she is da human fish. And this is da story about how human fish become human fish…

I added the transcription, because Disablez and venerea pointed out that a lot of the lyrics are muffled. Just some pointers: “Lubadar” is “mountain pine beetle”, “klop” is a “tick” and Jamagrotecave is a local joke about Postojnska jama (Postojna cave), where every road sign said “Jama – Grotte – Cave”, and when kids read the road signs, everyone naturally said “jamagrotecave”

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11 thoughts on “Janez Škof On Slovenia”

  1. This must have been a very enjoyable evening. Too bad, the poor sound makes me loose some parts of the text.

  2. I wonder if Janez Škof is such a clown (in a good sense, mind you) in real life too. I like his ambiguity. Was he performing alone or with his band?

  3. oh, you left out the song about the fish, how could you,
    I hate you, I hate you

  4. Nice to hear I wasn’t the only one who always thought of Postojna as Jamagrotecave 🙂

  5. @Aja: Unfortunately it was in Slovenian. It is extremely funny, I agree 😀

    @Cornelius: Hey! :mrgreen: we should form a party!

  6. @ Corenlius: That’s so funny. Because for me it was jamagrotecave as well. And I thought I was the only one that was so silly. And cave was ka-ve, not kejv. 😳

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